Theme it!

As we all know the medium has become the message, at least in marketing. The need for brands to to keep up with the times is continuously evloving, as competition for attention is increasing across the digital landscape. Yes the narrative is important, but as devices beome more capable the Web is evolving into a visual experience above other things. Keeping the information current has long be a most to rank well among Web searches, however presenting it in a visually compelling way is key in keeping the user engaged.

To do our part in praticing this philisopy, we are happy to present a gallery of our past treatments for the Ethos Factory site, some treatments were more popular than others but all generated a response by the viewers. This meand our goal has been acheived.

Racing – See it live

This theme follows our passion for automotive technology and more precisely Formula 1, the most glamorous form of motorsport.

Holiday Greetings – See it here

As every good storekeper knows the holidays are a great part of commerce, let the customer know you feel the joy.

Barbershop – Theme's homepage

A nostalgic reminder of a bygone era, the barbershop was the point of convergence of style, attitude, and consumed skills. What a restaurant is to a fast-food joint.

Our Ethos: Handmade brand solutions.

In today’s marketplace "now" just isn't fast enough, "easy" is often too complicated and no one has any time to listen.

We think success is measured by the ability to relate to your customer on a "one-to-one" basis, creating an engaging brand identity and by being relevant to each individual while appealing to all your audience at the same time.

Notes From the Editor

The New Year arrived and our storefront has changed with it. Why not try something different? We are sure that trying a fresh new look will inspire our clients to try someting new in their brands, we understand that it takes some courage as well and we are happy to support them.

We want to extend our merriest wishes to all our clients and to all those who take the time to visit our site, our theme is Barbersop and our stylish duo is fully immersed into the part—well at least one is. "Give your brand a clean new look" is our New Year's proposition. We hope that it will do its part in helping our clients try something new. Best wishes to everyone, have a great 2014!

The Blog remains a welcome addition, maybe the New Year will bring us some inspiration and the necessary determination.



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