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"Strategy makes hard things look easy."

Getting There

Strategic planning seems easy when viewed in retrospect, not quite as linear when approached in the early stages of each project. Consider an existing model as a viable solution, perhaps there's something to learn from what is already out there.
Ethos Factory is constantly monitoring new initiatives being implemented in key markets to learn what works and why, learning and developing models that can be a useful tools in developing strategies that can be used as a clear road map for your success.

Ethos Factory can give you valuable know-how to help develop a clear strategy on how to reach your objectives, considering all the elements and drawing from successful examples. Sometimes it doesn't pay reinvent the wheel, sometimes it's more useful to acknowledge that fact that you may need a couple.

Our Ethos: Handmade brand solutions.

In today’s marketplace "now" just isn't fast enough, "easy" is often too complicated and no one has any time to listen.

We think success is measured by the ability to relate to your customer on a "one-to-one" basis, creating an engaging brand identity and by being relevant to each individual while appealing to all your audience at the same time.

Notes From the Editor

Spring has sprung and our storefront is in full bloom, we advise you to add some color to your brand and see it flourish. We hope our look will inspire our clients to try someting new with their communications, we understand that it takes some courage as well and we are happy to support them.

Happy spring to all our clients and to all those who take the time to visit our site, our theme is "Flowers" and our stylish duo is looking dapper in "Sapeurs" style suits—well at least one is. "Color Your Brand" is our cheerful message, but choose carfeully is our terse warning. We hope this theme will do its part in helping our clients find a new accent, for their entire brand or just for a product.

The Blog is finally in the works, we decided it was time to share more than our project portfolio.



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